How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour E-book

With the tremendous success authors have seen with the newest marketing idea since door-to-door sales began, virtual book tours seem to be proving to supersede all other forms of book promotion.

Unfortunately, virtual book tour agencies are extremely expensive and most authors just don’t have that kind of financial resource available to them to promote their books. Authors could spend as much as $3,000.00 to have an agency set up a virtual tour for them. So if we authors can’t afford those rates, what’s the answer?

How about setting up your own tour? What may seem complicated at first glance is really quite a simple process. How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour walks the author through a well-explained and easy method of making contacts and arranging your tour. In a step-by-step manner, you will learn:

How to connect with experts in your genre

Where and how to schedule your tour stops

The most successful and free ways to promote your tour

How to make your tour effective in selling books

The e-book includes built-in links to all the resources you’ll need as well as check lists for each part of your journey. How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour is easy to comprehend and the only resource you’ll need for the success of your own virtual book tour!

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Authors! Virtual book touring is by far the "BEST" way to get exposure for your book and YOURSELF!
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